29 Is a Special Age Because …

Ah, 29. Another cusp. In our modern time, the twenties are seen by many as an “adult childhood” period. A time of having fun. Going out drinking, dancing, and exploring life. Most people in this time period don’t have a house. If they have kids, the kids tend to be young. It’s a time of high adventure.

Some might worry that crossing the threshold into the thirties means a new set of society pressures. Now’s the time one is often told to settle down. To take work seriously. To build that foundation and legacy.

Society will always have its comments and ideas, but we as individuals can choose our own paths. It might be that you had more than your share of responsibilities in your twenties and now you’re able to control things a bit better. Or it could be that you had a blast having fun in your twenties and are now ready to see what a quieter life has to offer. Whatever you’ve come from, and wherever you’re going, the cusp birthdays are that time for reflection and contemplation.

Look at all you’ve accomplished over the past decade – large or small. The human brain doesn’t really finish maturing until it’s nearly thirty so undoubtedly there are some things you might have wanted to do differently. That’s ok! That’s what we all go through. The big thing is to now approach your thirties with fresh energy and motivation. To examine your goals and see how to work toward them. To appreciate all you have and see how to get where you want to go.

29 is a great age. Do you know Kenneth Branagh was 29 when he was nominated for best director for Henry V? Or that George Lucas was 29 when he was nominated for that same honor for American Graffiti?

The youngest winner ever for best actor was Adrien Brody in the Pianist. Just to show how age differences come in to play in Hollywood, the ten youngest winners on the female side are all under the age of 27.

Michelangelo created his amazing sculpture of David when he was 29.

The Bonus Years
Here on this site we not only are inspired by those who came into their own at age twenty-nine. We also keep in our memories those whose lives ended when they were only twenty-nine. It reminds us that our days ahead are precious. They are a blessing. They are golden time that others would have fervently wished for.

Ronnie Van Zant
Ronnie Van Zant was a founding member of the country rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. Yes, the ones of the famous “Free Bird”. He started a band in high school in 1964 and worked at it solidly for a good ten years. Then they found great success with their first album which had “Free Bird” on it along with “Gimme Three Steps” and a number of other classics.

He and several of his bandmates were flying in a Convair CV-240 mid-sized plane when it ran into trouble. It tried to safely land but crashed. He died on impact.

Imagine the wealth of songs we could have loved from him, if he had been given more time on our Earth. Every one of us has a difference to make, and each new day provides that opportunity.

Wine Philosophy

Are you currently 29? Do you have any special memories of when you were 29? Please share them below!

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