52 Is A Special Age Because …

So often, people stress when they turn 50. Even when they turn 51, it is still closely associated with that “magical” year of 50. For most people, by the time they turn 52, they’re more comfortable with being in their fifties. They can simply enjoy the pleasure of becoming wiser.

So many people we admire and respect are in their fifties. These people have experience and maturity. They’ve been through the challenges of life. They’ve been seasoned by them. It’s like a fine wine. We all make mistakes in our youth. But we learn, we grow, and we find ourselves.

Treasure being in your fifties. And 52 is a young age! It’s an age where you know what you want in life and you have a sense of how to go about getting it.

Remember Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen? He was a man who had been through a lot and had found his path in life. He was 52 when he filmed that movie, and he won Best Actor.

Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman? Best Actor? Also 52.

Cate Blanchett won her academy award for Best Actress in Blue Jasmine when she was 52. Same for Renee Zellweger in Judy.

The famous book Watership Down by author Richard Adams was published when he was 52. This was his first book.

Then there was Karen Blixen, who published Out Of Africa when she was 52. She used the pen name Isak Dinesen.

Nino Salukvadze is a shooter from the country of Georgia. She competed in the 2020 Summer Olympics at the age of 52. She didn’t win a medal, but it’s still quite an honor to be eligible to compete.

Treasure all you can do at age 52!

The Bonus Years
Here on this site we not only are inspired by those who came into their own at age fifty-two. We also keep in our memories those whose lives ended when they were only fifty-two. It reminds us that our days ahead are precious. They are a blessing. They are golden time that others would have fervently wished for.

William Shakespeare
What a tragedy!! This amazingly talented poet could have created countless more plays and sonnets if he had more time.

Christopher Reeve
The Superman of the movie world. He did his best to stay alive, in hopes of being able to walk again, but his heart gave way.

Thomas Becket
The murder of Thomas Becket changed the course of history.

Grace Kelly
From movie star to real world princess, Grace Kelly was world renowned for her talents and compassion. Unfortunately, she suffered a stroke while driving, got into a serious accident, and died the next day from the injuries.

Wine Philosophy

Are you currently 52? Do you have any special memories of when you were 52? Please share them below!

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