78 is a Special Age Because …

Age 78 is the perfect time to explore new opportunities and adventures! Take inspiration from Grandma Moses.

Grandma Moses’s real name was Anna Mary Robertson Moses. She worked on farms, raised ten children, and enjoyed life. Then when she was 78 she decided to take up painting seriously. Part of it was spurred by her arthritis which made her current entertainment, embroidery, too painful.

Now her works sell for quite a lot of money!

James Caan is a talented actor who loves his job. When he was 77 he was Grandpa in Undercover Grandpa. At age 78 he’s working on Welcome to Pine Grove!

The Bonus Years

Talented author Penny Vincenzi was well known for her 17 novels and reached best selling status. She was actively working on her next novel when she passed away at age 78. We’ll never know what other stories she wanted to share with the world. She would have greatly appreciated having more time to write – and so would her many fans!

Author Jim Harrison who earned acclaim for his book “Legends of the Fall” also passed away at age 78. He’d written over 30 books during his career and was still actively writing. He was primarily an outdoorsman who got into writing when he was injured and was bedridden for a while.

Famous actor John Ireland, known for over 200 different movies like “Spartacus”, “All the King’s Men”, and “Gunfight at the OK Corral”, passed away at age 78 from leukemia. He would have been thrilled to have beaten that disease and to be healthy enough to continue acting.

Wine Philosophy

Are you currently 78? Do you have any special memories of when you were 78? Please share them below!

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