Greetings, and welcome to WinePhilosophy! My name is Lisa Shea, and I am the sole site owner and author. I first launched the WinePhilosphy.com site on September 19, 2004. Over the years WinePhilosophy has evolved to present a concept which is very core to me – we should be grateful for where we are in life and look forward to what we can achieve with our future.

Many people groan about being 29 or 39 or 49 as if it’s a bad thing. There is the saying “it’s better than the alternative.” That is, suffering with being 29 is better than having died before one reached that age. But even that makes it sound like being a given age is just a tiny bit better than death. To me that is nonsensical. I greatly enjoyed the benefits of being eight years old, but I am glad I moved past that. I also had a lot of fun when I was fifteen years old! But I would not want to be trapped in some sort of a bizarre Groundhog Day loop where I woke up every morning back in the exact same situation. And even there, the analogy isn’t right. Because in Groundhog Day it’s not as if the main character was having his mind reset every morning. He was learning and growing. He was becoming wiser. And that is what life is all about. Learning. Growing. Taking advantage of every new day.

This site celebrates the wonderful joy of being each age. One shouldn’t have to “accept with frustrated resignation” that they are now an age. We should be joyful that we have reached an age and that we have learned so much more. That we are now ready to take the next fun step in life.

If one is going to complain that one has certain physical challenges at seventy that they did not have at seven, well, there were a whole slew of different physical challenges at seven. And there are some twenty-one year olds who face enormous physical challenges. Every body is different. Every path is different. Few of our paths are straight and linear. We must treasure this body we have, care for it well, and then breathe in the blessings of each day.

I know many people in their eighties who adore dancing, kayaking, and yoga. I know people in their twenties who can barely make it up a flight of stairs and stare at the TV all day long. It’s all about nurturing your body and mind to be the best you can be, whatever stage of life you’re in.

Contact me with any questions! You can find me at my Lisa Shea website and on most social networking platforms.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Feel free to comment below about my book, this site, or anything at all!