Age 0 to 9 Are Great Years Because …

If most older people had to choose the best decade of their life, few would choose the decade of birth through age 9. That primarily is because we often can barely remember what happened way back then. But if we were blessed with loving parents and a supportive community, these years are simply amazing.

Think of all the wonders we get to experience for the very first time. Our very first taste of ice cream. Of chocolate. A trip to a beach. If we’re somewhere cold, our first snow! The first time we hear a certain song. The first time we saw that movie that blew us away. The first time we read a certain book.

There’s a lot of power in those firsts. In the awakening of a soul to something unknown and new.

Sure, there are challenges built into this decade. A child in this age range often has very little control over what they are fed. Where they can go. How they are treated by those around them. For some unfortunate children, this time period can be rough and full of hard memories.

Still, there is so much good in there if we look for it. The moments of unadulterated joy. The ways in which our minds were expanded.

It is the responsibility of every adult around a child in this age range to support them. Encourage them. See where their creativity wants to take them and embrace that. So what if she wants to paint the sky purple. So what if he wants to try on a tutu. Let them try and explore and learn and see what the world offers.

By nurturing a mind which resounds with wonder, we create a person who can thrill with life with every passing day. Who is ready for whatever challenges the universe has to offer.

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