Every one of us is unique. We know that scientifically – even identical twins do not have the exact same DNA, as their DNA mutates and changes as it splits and splits again. Heck, scientists now feel that each human being is actually a “mosaic” – a collection of cells which sometimes have quite striking differences from a neighbor cell’s DNA. So not only are we each different from each other, but even our own components are different on that most basic level.

In can be easy to have our modern world convince us that we are merely faceless members of a group. We are a “Millennial”. We are an “out of work person”. The labels define us. We begin to think of them as having meaning.

This societal pressure can certainly happen when it comes to our age. Our community can drum into us that it’s exciting to be sixteen. That celebrations commence as we reach twenty-one. But what are the thoughts around turning fifty? Often they come with dark humor.

I strongly believe we need to recapture the joy in treasuring each day, whatever our age. We have so many milestones up until twenty-one – and then it seems as if they get lost.

We should be looking forward to what the world offers, no matter what our age. To be content with who we are, where we are, and the miles we have traveled to get there. To celebrate. To congratulate.

My name is Lisa Shea.

I am forty-nine years old.

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